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The four-masted square rigger Peking was restored in Germany as
a museum ship for the newly founded Maritime Harbour Museum in
Hamburg. Originally launched in 1911 this impressive vessel, 377
feet long and a displacement of 3.100 tons, has been fully fitted out
to her original specifications. So, despite her museum ship status for
instance, all winches on deck will be fully operational.


We are therefore extremely proud to be able to announce that the Classic
Winch Company was given the commission to build the 3 massive
“Jarvis winches” and twelve more deck winches that are used for
handling the massive ra’s and hallyards on this extraordinary vessel.
The Jarvis winches for instance weigh 1.800 kilo each and were
delivered in March 2020. The other twelve were delivered later in
2020 and the vessel can now be visited at her berth in Hamburg
where the winches are used and demonstrated on a daily basis.



Germán Frers is undoubtedly one of the greatest designers of our
age. Renowned for a wide range of racing and cruising yachts,
America’s Cup Class yachts and latterly for his superyacht designs.
We are particularly proud that he chose the Classic Winch Company
to supply the winches for his own personal yacht that was built in
Argentina over the past four years.


This yacht was designed by his father in 1942 but never built due to material shortages during the war. She is a beautiful, 67 foot ketch, built traditionally plank on frame and has been fitted with a package of our bronze Fairlie
winches, some of which will be 3 speed and also a few will be
electric to facilitate handling while cruising with a smaller crew.
Recluta arrived in Europe in the summer 2021 and participated in a
large number of events in Spain and France. 
Her striking beauty but above all, speed around the course, has made her an important addition to the growing class of yawls and ketches.

Fairlie 55.jpg
50 foot Nigel Irens ketch


Nigel Irens is well known for both his love of classic designs as well
as his out of the box thinking regarding light weight construction of
modern yachts. When he was approached by a discerning owner
who wanted a classic yacht but without the hassle of continuous
maintenance that an old boat requires a striking, 50-foot, strip-
planked, classic ketch was the result. The Elephant Boatyard built
her to exacting standards and she was launched in 2021. The
Classic Winch Company was overjoyed to be entrusted with
designing and supplying a completely new design that we have
created in close cooperation with the owner and Damian Byrne, the
builder. We have combined the elegant rounded lower half of our
Classic Masterpiece winches with a simple but beautiful self-tailing
top which has resulted in a classic design with all the pros of a
modern self-tailing winch but the beauty of a real classic.

In 1952 the 58’ 6” yawl Lutine was launched to a design of Laurent
Giles at the Camper & Nicholson Yard in Gosport, England. After a
successful racing career where among other things she won the
Fastnet Race twice she is now undergoing an extensive refit that will
have her in racing trim for 2022 classic season. We are currently
building new selftailing primaries for her in our renowned aluminium
bronze. Another historic and iconic yacht that will be fitted with our

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