Initially I worked through a CNC facility in Bielefeld in Germany. In the course of 2018 though I had the extreme luck of chancing on the engineer who originally designed the winches and ran the Meissner CNC factory in the 90’s and up to the acquisition by Holmatro in 2002. Since then he had built up his company into a top grade CNC factory with modern machinery and a dedicated staff. The factory is located in Serooskerke in the south of Holland near the city of Middelburg.


With this facility we now have the resources to cater for a much wider range of products and also increase volume without compromising on quality. We use the latest technology available to this industry. Individual parts are precision cut from the highest possible grade steel, aluminium or nickel aluminium bronze. Our own 5-axial CNC machines can machine the most complicated forms with the greatest possible precision.

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